AN ONLOOKER told of his shock after witnessing people taking 'selfies' inches away from the top of a 200ft crumbling cliff.

A woman was seen sitting on the edge of the famous cliffs at West Bay - made famous by the TV crime drama Broadchurch - while a man with a selfie stick stood behind her with a child on his shoulders.

They were seen to take pictures of themselves at the beauty spot, seemingly unaware of the dangers.

The East Cliff is notoriously unstable and there have been repeated warnings for people to take care when visiting the area. Signs are erected in the area warning visitors of the dangers of going too close to the cliffs.

An onlooker said: "I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"The woman was right on the edge.

"While the man with the child on his shoulders was a little way back from the edge if he had stumbled then the child would have gone flying.

"I know there are warning signs at the bottom of the cliff but I'm not sure at the top. But surely you'd use your common sense and keep back. There have been numerous rockfalls in this area.

"They were far too close."