A 7ft 7in giant is in need of a hotel room with an extra long bed when he performs at Dorset Steam Show.

Polish Giant Mariusz La Shad said life was not always Heaven when your 7ft 7ins tall, as he is in need of a place to stay.

He will be performing with Dr Haze’s Freak Show when it makes its annual stop at the show.

Dr Haze said: “We never really thought about his sleeping and travelling arrangements when we booked him for the show.

“It was only when Mariusz asked where he was staying that we realised he needed a bed that was 8ft long and a high roofed car to get him there.”

The only solution Dr Haze could come up with was to join two tents together making it in to a super long sausage tent and travel with an open sun roof with Mariusz’s head sticking out through the top of the car.

The show, featuring acts from the Circus of Horrors, will be at the steam fair from August 26 to 31.

Dr Haze said: “The show was so popular last year we couldn’t get everyone in, even though on some days we performed twelve times - we were still turning people away, this year we intend to perform more shows and bring an even bigger and more shocking extravaganza.”