A former school is creating an 'eyesore' and giving visitors a bad impression of Bridport, it is claimed.

Dorset County Council has come under fire after the former site of the Mountjoy School was described as a 'wilderness' with grass and scrub up to five feet high in places.

The building and surrounding land on Flood Lane - close to one of the main entrances to the town at the Crown Roundabout - has been vacant since pupils and staff moved to a new facility in Beaminster almost two years ago.

The long-term future of the site has not yet been decided but residents and councillors say something needs to be done about the upkeep of the area.

The county council said an order has been placed to tidy up the site.

Resident Colin Sparkes contacted the News as he said 'enough is enough'.

He added: “It's just such a mess. The roundabout is so lovely, there is the Crown Inn which always looks bright and they keep Sidney Gale House very well.

“Then there is this vacant site where the grounds are now a wilderness. They could at least tidy it up while they decide what to do with it.”

Parking, a hotel, housing and a social services day centre are some of the suggestions that have been put forward in the past as ideas for what could be done with the site.

A spokeswoman for Dorset County Council said: “An order has been placed to tidy up the Mountjoy school site but we are awaiting the Bridport consultation to be completed prior to making a decision upon its future.”

West Dorset District Councillor David Tett, who represents the ward, said: “It has become an eyesore and is certainly not a nice thing to look at.

When you are driving through it certainly doesn't give a good impression of the town.

“It is a matter for the county council as to what is done with the site but the longer it is left the more it will deteriorate. Hopefully a decision will be made imminently but it looks as though we will just have to put up with it for a little longer.”

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