The skills teachers Alan Vian and Chris McConnell use in their everyday jobs at Hooke Court study centre are going to be put to use in Africa this month.

Already seasoned hands the two teachers are being joined by three others from a primary school in Banbury to pass on their expertise to teachers in Malawi.

Mr Vian, who is also the Lyme Regis town crier, said he was thrilled to be going again.

He said Hooke Court had a charitable arm whose aim was to support development work in education in Africa.

He said: “Last year we went into Zambia and worked with children in the bush.

“This year we are going to work with a federation of schools in Malawi developing different type of teaching techniques and working with the teachers out there and doing teacher education.”

Mr Vian said last year had been very exciting.

“He said: “The children responded amazingly well to what we were trying to get them to do to develop their own personal approach to life.

“It was more difficult persuading the teachers that was the way we taught.”

All five have volunteered to take part in this amazing venture during the summer holidays.

Their aim is to use their teaching skills and experience along with programmes used at Hooke Court to help the children access education outside the classroom.

Their project is to provide practical team building, communication and curriculum-related programmes to children from 12 different schools in a rural and remote area of Malawi. Mandy and Pete Cooper, owners and founders of the Hooke Court Residential Study Centre have already travelled to the region to prepare and organise the schools as well as to deliver some equipment and are flying out in advance to buy and organise food supplies for the group. Each school will be given a day of fun, interesting and educational activities that reflect all that we do here at Hooke Court. The work will undoubtedly be enhanced by the ideas and inspiration from Becky, Emma and Mandeep of Hill View Primary School, as well as Alan and Chris from Hooke Court.

Town crier Alan is very excited at the prospect of ‘crying’ to the local children.

Mandy and Pete, whilst visiting the schools in this region, were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and interest of both pupils and teachers.

“This is our second year to take our incredibly successful and popular programmes from Hooke Court to Africa and we sincerely hope that each year more teachers will volunteer to help us to provide a little enjoyment for these children who otherwise live in a very basic world.”

Internet allowing, they will be posting updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well as posting video clips on you tube on their return.

For further details contact Sarah at: sarah@hookecourt. or call: 01308 862260.