The availability of faster, more reliable internet in the town is increasing through September when most residents and businesses in the area can sign up for fibre-based broadband.

The Superfast Dorset team popped up in Bucky Doo Square on a market day to deliver the news to the public.

People talked with the superfast team to find out how to get connected, and how to make the most of better broadband once it’s available.

Bradpole parish councillor Colin Baker, who volunteered to help on the day, said: “I am delighted that superfast broadband is now available in Bradpole, and having signed up myself I am confident that this will enhance the internet experience of individuals and families.

“Superfast should also bring great benefits to our local schools as well as to our many Bradpole-based businesses both large and small.

“Not everybody is connected to the internet and to some it must seem like a daunting experience.

“I hope that help will become available within our community for those that wish to be connected but are not sure where to start.”

The team advised that people should first check the coverage map on the Superfast Dorset website, and then contact a service provider of their choice to see what is on offer at their property and take up a service.

Matthew Dale, who lives in a part of Bradpole where services will be available soon, said: “In my work as a jewellery designer I often have to upload or download large 3D STL files. Superfast broadband will help speed up my workflow and enable me to do something other than watch a slow progress bar.”

The network being installed across Dorset is open to any ISP to offer fibre-based broadband to customers, if they choose to do so.

Customers should check with more than one provider to find a fibre service that suits them.

In most cases, as demand increases in an area so will the number of providers offering fibre broadband.

Not all premises in Bridport will be connected through this first phase of work.

The Superfast Dorset programme is returning with different technologies later in the year to connect more properties to the fibre network.

The Superfast team also recruited a few new volunteers at the Wednesday market to tell neighbours and colleagues how to get connected and make the most of fibre broadband, once available.

Bridport is one of the first places in the county to gain access to high-speed fibre broadband through the Superfast Dorset programme, which will bring better broadband to 95 per cent of Dorset premises by 2016.

To receive an email when services become available in your area and find out how you can help spread the word in your community, visit