CHARMOUTH: Repairs to the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and foreshore area have finally been completed following severe storms that lashed the county earlier this year.

As these pictures show, the storms resulted in a badly damaged buildings; many beach huts were destroyed and debris was carried upstream and deposited over a wide area.

A spokesperson for Char-mouth Parish Council said the works team has ‘not only restored the area but improved it’, with more than £65,000 spent on repairs and in excess of 2,000 working hours spent on the area since February.

And more than £25,000 has had to be found from council reserves to cover items not covered by insurance.

Achievements from the repair work include a more resilient Heritage Coast Centre building to better withstand future storms, improved beach huts and repairs to the beach steps which have been strengthened.

Using the World War Two tank defences that were unearthed by the storms has also improved the landscaped car and boat park area, the spokesperson added.

The Beach Café, Heritage Coast Centre, Charmouth Fossils and Rock Follies have all benefited as a result of the renovations and are all hoping for a bumper summer season this year.

Now that the restoration is complete, Charmouth Parish Council is looking at how to further enhance the beach area.

Ideas on the table include new signage, further improvements to beach huts, ideas for protection from future storms and more.

Anyone with ideas on how to improve the beach area without spoiling its character are asked to contact Charmouth Parish Council by calling 01297 560826 or by visiting