BRIDPORT: Two of the top ten streets in Dorset for parking fines are in Bridport.

The fees could net Dorset County Council between £12,000 and £34,000 a year.

More than one ticket is issued for every day of the year in South and East Street.

Community and business leaders say the last thing the town needs is a reputation for draconian parking enforcement.

Bridport Town Council leader Sarah Williams said: “At times it is over-vigorously enforced particularly on non-market days.

“If we get a reputation for that it does have a knock-on effect of people visiting the town.

“My understanding is that some people are getting fined in loading bays when they are actually loading.

“I have heard of people who have parked in a loading bay and gone off to pick up the family joint from Rawles and come back to find a ticket.

“There isn’t enough leeway and it is not clear cut enough what loading and unloading is/.

“That is something that needs clarifying.

“But if people are overstaying their time by a lot then it is a problem – that in itself isn’t helping so it is a balance we are looking for.

“If West Dorset does start thinking about rolling out their pay on leaving car parks plan I think more people will use car parks “But if you are coming into town and going to the bank and one shop it is more convenient to park in the street. At least we haven’t got parking meters.”

Nearly 500 tickets were handed out in South and East Street last year.

In South Street most of the 268 penalty charge notices were for vehicles parking for longer than permitted.

In East Street the most common of the 223 fines were issued because vehicles were parked in a loading place during prohibited hours without loading.

Depending on the violation on-street parking fines paid within 14 days are £25 or £35 or after a fortnight either £50 or £70. The figures reveal that the county council is making more than £1,200 a day from parking fines across Dorset.

In total, £454,104.10 was raised from the number of PCNs issued in 2013 across Dorset.

And more than £446,715.73 has been made from parking fines in the county town since 2008.

Simon Gledhill, Dorset County Council’s parking services manager, said: “Penalty charge notices can be issued for many reasons, all of which are covered by national legislation.

“It is difficult to comment on these figures without first understanding the reasons for the tickets and also the number that were cancelled due to the appeals process.

“On-street parking schemes are regularly reviewed to make sure they provide the town with a suitable traffic management solution.”


2. High West Street, Dorchester

3. Trinity Street, Dorchester

4. Ferry Road, Studland

5. Princes Street, Dorchester

6. Station Road, Swanage

7. South Street, Bridport

8. High Street, Swanage

9. East Street, Bridport

10. Avon Run, Christchurch