LYME Regis residents are being encouraged to light a candle in commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War.

Communities across the country will be holding public Lights Out events to mark the 100th anniversary of Britain declaring war on Germany.

The Royal British Legion is asking people to turn off the lights and light a single candle or leave on a single light.

In Lyme Regis, the Regatta and Carnival Committee will be holding commemorative events this Monday, August 4 with Candles on the River Lym at 10pm and a commemorative cry by the town crier, Alan Vian, at 11pm.

People can sponsor a candle, write a message on a candle card and watch it float silently down the River Lym from the ford to Jordan Flats.

This will be followed by the cry at the Marine Parade Shelters next to a circle of candles.

Town Mayor, Sally Holman, will be among those to light a candle in honour of the men and women who served in the Great War.

Cllr Holman said: “We hope many of our residents and visitors will be able to join us in this poignant commemoration, to sponsor a candle as an act of remembrance, and to reflect on the events of 100 years ago.

“We understand there may be those who are unable to leave their homes at night for this event, but everyone can take part in some way.

“It is important that everyone has the opportunity to pay their respects, either in a public commemoration or privately.

“We would encourage everyone in our town to mark the occasion by switching off the lights in their homes, hotel rooms, B&Bs, wherever they may be, and to light a candle or leave on a small light.”

The public commemoration event in Lyme Regis will observe the official timings between 10pm and 11pm.

The hour between 10pm and 11pm represents the final minutes of peace on 4 August 1914, with Britain declaring war on Germany at 11pm.

Candle cards are £1 and can be purchased during the days leading up to the event or from 9.30pm on Monday.