ROAD repairs have left a Bridport junction dangerous, claims resident Colin Sparkes.

Mr Sparkes, of Wellfields Drive, said the work started in Shoe Lane by the St Andrew’s Road industrial estate, on what were minor potholes, on Monday morning.

He said after workmen cut out sections of the road they were left without any apparent signs to warn motorists.

Mr Sparkes said: “Having removed the surface they then vacated the site leaving about a dozen large potholes spread over the junction. They are about two inches deep all over the road. It was lethal. There were so many of them you couldn’t miss them.

“I can’t remember there being much of a pothole there in the first place.

“But they didn’t warn anybody, they put some barriers up while they were doing the work but as soon as they finished they were gone. It is a safety issue.

“There were no apparent signs displayed and therefore health and safety laws were severely broken. Vehicles tried to miss the obstructions and in doing so caused danger to others.”

West Dorset District Council leader Cllr Robert Gould said: “The district council has hired a contractor to repair some potholes along Shoe Lane in Bridport. On Monday they prepared the road and left appropriate signage around the area. The asphalt will be laid today. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”