A SOCIAL space, venue for younger people, dance classes and a food hub were just some ideas put forward for the proposed Bridport community hub at a public consultation.

Dorset County Council has pledged to invest £4.7million to improve and modernise services, and an extensive consultation earlier this year revealed that three-quarters of all respondents were in favour of a new multi-purpose community hub for day services.

The first of two events asking for public opinions took place at a pop-up café outside the Bridport Arts Centre on June 25, between 10am and noon.

Council officers were on hand to answer questions and talk to people at the pop-up café.

People gave various ideas for how the hub might be used, together with possible locations.

Ideas submitted included writing and dancing classes, a food hub, a social space focusing on the positives of getting older and more.

Those who gave their views also agreed that accessibility to the hub is important, together with the idea of the hub being open in the evenings as a venue for younger people.

Hub project worker Diana Balsom said the response at the consultation was brilliant.

She added: “We have had a lot of interest and idea so far with people keen to give their views.

“For example, I spoke to one young mum who is interested in shared facilities for things to do with young kids.

“People will always think of new ideas we have never considered and that’s the beauty of events like this.”

Salway Ash resident Rhona Passmore visited the pop-up café to give her ideas for the hub.

She said: “I didn’t know about this at all before I came to the event, but accessibility to the hub I think is really important.

“At the moment I find it difficult to catch up with my friends because a lot of places in Bridport have limited or no pushchair access.”

West Dorset district councillor and Dorset county councillor Ros Kayes hailed the consultation as ‘an example of the county council going out of their way to find out what people want’.

Another consultation was held yesterday, July 2 in the foyer at Morrisons in Bridport, between 1pm and 4pm.