IF only he could talk then parakeet Cougar would tell a corking story.

The cheeky bird caused a stir in Bridport after he escaped from owner Caroline Cash’s home in St Andrew’s Road.

He found a temporary roost in trees by the car park a short distance away where passers-by became concerned for his welfare.

Caroline contacted the Bridport News to let people know Cougar had returned home safely.

She said: “So many people were very interested in him. He was making a lot of noise, squawking, and he’s quite a striking looking bird.

“I was quite worried about him because he has escaped before and he was attacked by other birds.

“That time someone found him on their windowsill and took him to the vets.” Cougar managed to find his owner as she was walking past his hideout in the trees.

Caroline added: “I walked past some bushes with my daughter and he obviously recognised our voices because there was this sudden screeching.

“He was really high up and everyone was watching, wondering how we would get him down.

“But I think he had had enough of his adventures by then because he just climbed down into my arms.

“He was very hungry and tired.”

She said: “It was a big relief to get him home safely because I was worried. Everyone who was there was very kind so I just wanted to let them know it was a happy ending.”