A NEW Jurassic Coast creature is making its mark on Bridport Museum – in Lego.

The new arrival, a two-metre long plesiosaur, consists of around 12,000 Lego bricks and was created as part of a Jurassic Coast Museum’s project by the company Bright Bricks, who make bespoke Lego models.

The model is based on Bridport Museum’s ‘dinosaur’s bottom’ – a partial plesiosaur skeleton found several years ago at the base of Golden Cap. Although it is not known exactly what these creatures looked like, it is estimated that they would be coloured to make them camouflaged when underwater in the Jurassic seas.

Museum curator Emily Hicks said: “We were all really excited to take delivery of our Lego plesiosaur, which is hanging in the museum reception.

“We know that the Jurassic Coast is immensely popular, as is Lego, so we imagine there will be lots of interest from people wanting to get their hands on one of the plesiosaur kits over the summer.

“Watch this space for more competitions coming your way.”

Bright Bricks has also made some smaller, unique, limited edition Lego kits of these dinosaurs for Bridport Museum.

Over the summer, a number of events will be running to give children the chance to get their hands on their very own plesiosaur.

From June 2 until November 1, the museum will be running a competition to name the Lego plesiosaur.

Anyone can enter, and those interested are asked to drop into the museum and think of a name.

All entries will be put into a hat and 10 will then be drawn at random.

These 10 will each win a kit, with staff choosing the best name from those 10 to be awarded to the dinosaur.

In addition, on Wednesday July 30, artist Darrell Wakelam will be running a Build a Brickosaur workshop in the Town Hall. Participants will get the chance to make a 3D backdrop for their plesiosaur, as well as other dinosaur-themed craft activities.

Two identical workshops will run from 10am until noon and then 2pm until 4pm.

Due to the size of the pieces in the kit, the workshop is only for children aged between six and 12 years old.

For more information email office@bridportmuseum.co.uk or phone 01038 458703.