POLICE are urging drivers not to get complacent after a crackdown on thefts from cars at West Dorset beauty spots.

Officers have seized a car they believe is linked to a spate of thefts targeting parked cars in the area.

Bridport section commander, Inspector Mike Darby, said ‘numerous’ units were called after the car was spotted and officers seized the vehicle when the driver admitted having no driving licence or insurance.

No arrests were made and no stolen property was found in the car.

Insp Darby said: “We know there are organised gangs doing this and on Friday we identified that a vehicle belonging to one of the gangs was in the Dorchester area.”

He added: “This incident shows that there are gang members who are actively and constantly out looking for opportunities to steal.

“We urge anyone at beauty spot locations who sees any vehicles or people acting suspiciously, not to dismiss it but to call police on 999.”

It comes after Dorset Police announced a crackdown on car thefts at beauty spots, as reported in the Bridport News.

Insp Darby is co-ordinating a plan to target thieves at rural car parks such as Langdon Hill, Cogden Beach, Eggardon Hill and Burton Brad-stock as part of the county-wide Operation Wave.

The initiative began after an increase in crimes of theft from unattended motor vehicles in West Dorset and East Devon.

Thieves have struck at a number of locations, breaking into cars and stealing items.

Insp Darby said: “The number of incidents has slowed in recent weeks. However this is still only the start of the summer and we will still be deploying a full range of tactics throughout the summer, targeting the people who are doing this.”

The latest incident comes after Dorset Police issued advice to motorists to avoid becoming a victim of car crime.

They have urged car owners to make sure all windows and doors are shut and locked, not to leave sat navs or holders and cables for the device on display and to remove any marks on the windscreen left by the sat navs and remove all valuable items from the car.