A MOTHER of one has started a new chapter in her life by setting up a publishing company aiming to provide a quicker publishing platform for writers.

Helen Bryant lives in Swyre with her husband Mace and two-year-old son Albion after moving down from London.

She currently works as a literary consultant for Cornerstones, a firm specialising in launching new writers.

She decided to set up Three Hares Publishing with business partner Yasmin Standen, pictured right, after looking to provide a quicker way for writers to get their work published.

Three Hares released its first five books at the end of April and already one of the titles, called Zero Alternative by Luca Pesaro, has been ranked in the top 100 in Amazon’s chart.

Mrs Bryant said: “The whole journey has been an extraordinary whirlwind, from coming up with this idea, seeing it take shape and then three weeks later having a publishing meeting with Amazon has been exhilarating. Amazon told us that they have never worked with a publisher before but after seeing our work decided they would like to – which is just fantastic.”

Over the next year, Three Hares Publishing will be releasing a variety of original adult, young adult and children’s fiction. Getting rid of the traditional publishing genres of romance, horror and crime, the company has instead created a moodbar.

Choices such as ‘make me laugh’, ‘mind stretchers’, and ‘do not disturb’ are some of the options that will put books directly in the hands of the reader, according to how they are feeling that day.

Mrs Bryant added: “We wanted to publish books which move the reader, and say it is time for the market to decide what books it desires to read rather than for the publisher to decide what the market needs.

“Yasmin and I really believe that we have created a publishing company with low risk, high potential earnings and something that can take a book to market in weeks or months rather than years.”

For more information about the publishing company visit threeharespublishing.com.