LYME Regis Town Council has agreed to allow dogs in the Jubilee Pavilion after uncertainty about the council’s current practice.

Since the opening of the regenerated Marine Parade Shelters in 2011, town councillors heard that there has never been a policy in place which either permits or prohibits dogs in the Jubilee Pavilion.

It has generally been assumed by the council that dogs have been allowed in the shelters, although there seemed to be some confusion among the volunteers who man the pavilion as to what they should be advising visitors.

A report from the lead volunteer Chris Boothroyd went before the town management committee on January 15, and then the Tourism and Economic Development Committee on January 22, which outlined data from 2013 including the point about dogs in the pavilion.

Mr Boothroyd believed that the procedure since the opening of the shelters in 2011 was for only guide dogs or assistance dogs to be allowed in the shelters – leaving many volunteers in an ‘uncertain position’ to advise holidaymakers or residents.

The council’s current practice is to allow dogs into the pavilion provided any fouling or mess is cleared up by the owners.

Councillors heard that the pavilion acts as a welcome point for visitors and that they should consider whether it would be unfair to exclude people from the pavilion if they have dogs.

Committee chairman Cllr Chris Clipson said he did not understand why allowing dogs in the pavilion was a problem, and added: “Visitors may or may not have dogs but will go to the marine shelters for information regardless, this matter discussed is mainly for clarification purposes for the volunteers.”

All councillors present voted in favour of the ruling to continue allowing dogs in the pavilion, and recommendations to the committee will be considered by the full council on May 21.

Cllr Mark Gage added that he was ‘delighted’ the council will continue allowing dogs in the Jubilee Pavilion and that the public would feel the same.