BRIDPORT artists have been getting their inspiration from the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s King-combe Meadows nature reserve.

Now that inspiration will be part of an art exhibition called ‘Approaches to Kingcombe’ and forms part of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty drawing inspiration project.

The project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, aims to use landscape within the AONB area of Dorset as an inspiration for local artists to take a new perspective on the land around them.

West Dorset artists Caroline Lake, Pat Mummery and Wendy Hermelin all used their walks in wild flower meadows at Kingcombe Meadows nature reserve to create art work. Wendy Hermelin said: “I have often visited Kingcombe Meadows nature reserve and loved the area for its wildness and mixture of landscapes and the tracery of old field systems; the small meadows that still retain their names from a time past when each was farmed by a different person. “A lot of my art work is based on landscapes and Kingcombe has so many different views.”

West Dorset living landscapes area manager Debbie Watkins said: “We are delighted that artists are visiting Kingcombe to draw creative inspiration from the landscape, and this is a fantastic way of sharing it with other people through the form of painting.

“This landscape hasn’t changed for the last hundred years, and it is interesting to see new perspectives and interpretation through these talented and skilled local artists.” The exhibition runs from today, Thursday, 10 to Saturday (April 12) from 10am to 4pm each day at Devonia’, 19 Hogshill Street, Beaminster, DT8 3AE. For details about the Kingcombe Centre visit or phone 01300 321329.

‘Drawing Inspiration’ is a programme of events, activities, and exhibitions celebrating the beauty of Dorset landscape, past and present. For details on the other upcoming events, visit