A BRIDPORT care home resident has celebrated being 103 years young in the only way possible, with a party.

Queenie Hodge was surrounded by friends and carers at the Coneygar Lodge home where she has lived for eight years.

And a special iced cake topped with candles – although not 103 of them – was baked and enjoyed.

And for the woman who was a toddler when the First World War broke out there was a huge bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion.

Queenie, real name Gladys, thanked everyone for making her day so special.

Louise Van Dorn, manager at Coneygar Lodge, said: “Queenie is a truly amazing person and is still sharp as a tack.

She is pleasure for my team and I to care for and it’s lovely to see her so happy.

“She is doing really well. She loves flowers so we gave her a bouquet.

“She enjoyed her day with friends and staff.”

Queenie has been an avid reader of the Bridport News for more than 80 years and staff at the home said she will be keenly scanning the pages to see her birthday report.

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