Have you herd the one about the West Dorset cheesemakers planning to milk generous donors?

Even if the weather’s ‘Friesian’, the cream of the crop of staff at Ford Farm, who make cheeses at the Ashley Chase estate at Litton Cheney, are planning to gambol along the Race for Life course next month in aid of cancer research.

Eight Ford Farm employees have signed up to participate in the five kilometre charity event which takes place at Kingston Maurward College in Dorchester on Sunday, May 18.

And to butter up potential sponsors, the group has pledged to run the entire race dressed as a herd of Ford Farm dairy cows. The ‘Ford Farm Herd’, made up of team leader Sian Whitlock, Debbie Wallis, Fiona Goldsmith, Heloise D’Souza, Chloe Murdoch, Paulina Dziechciarz, Claire Churchill and Drahomira Uhrecka, will be dressed in cow onesies for the occasion.

Nipping at their heels will be Debbie’s two black labradors, Maggie and Lottie, who will be getting into the spirit of the team theme by sporting specially designed cow-print tutus. The team has already beaten its initial target of £500 – thanks to several generous donations from friends and Ford Farm customers and suppliers, as well as a one-off contribution of £100 made by Ford Farm’s Managing Director, Mike Pullin. Sian Whitlock said: “Forget make-up free selfies on Facebook. This is all about ditching every shred of dignity and decorum and milking our ridiculous costumes to the max for the cause. We are absolutely thrilled with the sum pledged so far, but are now planning to raise the bar and double our target to £1,000.”

* Anyone in the moo’d to donate can visit the Ford Farmers’ Just Giving page at: Justgiving.com/the-ford-farmers

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