BEING targeted by opportunist thieves who stole more than £3,000 has hit Clive and Sammy Thorner hard - coming just after what would have been their only son's 19th birthday.

James Thorner committed suicide by jumping off the cliffs at Burton Bradstock in 2011 when he was 16.

Last week would have been his 19th birthday.

So when thieves targeted dad Clive's motorcycle business CT Motorcycles in Barrack Street and got away with the till which had more than £3,000 in it, it was a devastating blow - so much so they are offering a reward for information.

Mr Thorner has been devastated by the theft.

He said: “The truth is it was James' birthday and I was already at a low ebb. It is difficult enough time to deal with anyway.

“It's really made my untrusting now and very suspicious and I am not like that as a person.”

He can only think it was a distraction theft as he was working alone.

His wife Sammy said normally there would not have been so much money on the premises but Clive had been going to buy a customer's bike and some of the money was to be used for a much-needed holiday.

She said: “We know it happened sometime in the afternoon because Clive knows he put a credit card transaction in the till under the counter at seven minutes past two.

“Someone would have had to have lifted the barrier which said no entry and run in and taken it.

She added: “In 18 years no one has ever taken his money.

“They must know the layout of the place though.

“He was already feeling low because last week would have been James' 19th birthday and he said this should have been our time together. We both miss him so much but we have been trying hard to get on with our lives.

“It just seems so unkind. He works so hard.

“In 2012 we went to Rome not long after James' died my mother and step father took us and they wanted to take us again and part of that money for that was in there.”

“After James died people were very supportive but we don't need this sort of a blow.

“Seeing him so distraught, it was like when James went, he was like a broken man, he was absolutely devastated.

“We have had a very bad winter, business was very quiet and we were getting back on our feet and workshop has been quite busy and then they come and take his hard-earned money.

Two business credit cards were also stolen but Mr Thorner has now installed a safe bolted to the wall.

Anyone with information should contact Bridport police on 101, quoting C:14:D:012134.