TWO 15-year-old Bridport boys have set themselves a huge challenge – to raise £3,900 each so they can go to Borneo next year.

They were both inspired by an assembly at the Sir John Colfox School about the Camps International trip and despite looming exams and the prospect of running jumble sales for the next 18 months, took the plunge.

Charlie Parkham said: “We have never really done anything like this before.”

“And probably never will again,” added friend Joseph Neil Crabb, who has just had a £200 boost from his uncle Neil Crabb.

So far fundraising is going well, with the boys on target and making their instalment dates, said Charlie's mum Lisa.

She said: “They are working really hard.”

The boys will be helping communities in Borneo with a new water supply, planting trees and undertaking wildlife and beach conservation.

They are looking forward to helping but are especially keen to see the orangutans and go scuba diving.

Joseph’s uncle Neil Crabb has just given his nephew £200 towards the adventure.

Mr Crabb said: “Joseph is working hard to raise the £3,900 required to make the month-long trip.

“He is very much looking forward to this wonderful opportunity, the main focus will be on sustaining and protecting Borneo’s environment and to help the community make the most of their natural resources.

"I was very keen to help Joseph in a project that covers so many vital and important issues that I feel very strongly about.”

So far the boys have taken part in West Bay’s Boxing Day swim, packed bags in supermarkets, run stalls, had several successful bingo evenings and are planning an autumn ball.

The next jumble sale – donations gratefully received – is on April 5 in Loders village hall.

There is a Facebook page charlieandjoesfundraisingpage or they can be contacted on 07900 128600.

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