IT’S ELEMENTARY. Youngsters will be watching the detectives as part of Bridport’s From Page to Screen Festival next week.

And thanks to Bridport hatter Roger Snook there will be the chance to win a Sherlock Holmes style deerstalker hat.

The first budding sleuths who solve the riddle of Mr Snooks’ store, Snooks the Hatters, after presenting a Page to Screen children’s film ticket at the West Street shop on the afternoon of April 5, will win the hat.

The festival, which celebrates films adapted from novels, runs from April 2 to 6. On the first three days there will be an after school film club for children starting at 4pm in the Hayloft, above The Stable at the Bull Hotel.

Films include Emil and the Detectives, the classic child-detectives mystery action movie, The Amazing Mr Blunden, an engaging family adventure with ghosts and time travelling and Hoodwinked, a playful update of Little Red Riding Hood.

And there will be the chance to ask for more when thanks to local store Fruits of the Earth free porridge and syrups will be served to children at the showing of the 1968 version of Oliver!, the adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Other local producers including Wessex Wines, the Red Brick Café, Leakers Bakery and Washingpool Farm Shop will be keeping audiences well-fed and their thirsts quenched.

From Page to Screen committee member Ines Cavill said: “It’s another great From Page to Screen Festival for hospitality – there are so many special films to celebrate this year and having Bridport’s fantastic food and drink at the screenings really adds to the atmosphere.”

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