A WEST Dorset artist is set to become Bridport Arts Centre’s most regular correspondent.

David Smith from Bradpole will be sending a letter a day to the centre for a full year.

It’s all part of an art project entitled #Letter365, that will gradually unfold over the coming 12 months.

Working in conjunction with the arts centre, Mr Smith will create a unique artwork each and every day for a year, with the accumulated work being exhibited as an installation in the centre’s Allsop Gallery in March 2015.

Before the end of each day David will seal his work in an envelope and arrange for its delivery to the arts centre by post or other means, where it will remain unopened and unseen until the exhibition.

The unfolding process will be documented on a blog at letter365.co.uk “I am very excited to be working with Bridport Arts Centre on this major piece of work,” said David.

“It will be fascinating to see how the pieces vary across the year, reflecting the changes of the seasons and the influences around me. “I am interested in the interplay between order and chaos, and this very structured process is bound to get affected in interesting ways during the year.”

People will be invited to invest in the project and the individual pieces will be for sale – sight unseen.

There will also be some additional events around the project to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Polly Gifford, artistic director of Bridport Arts Centre, said: “This was certainly one of the most unusual exhibition proposals I’ve had, but also one of the most interesting and I’m sure it will make a fascinating show. It will be an act of collective will for us not to open any of the envelopes as they gather in a box at the arts centre.”

David has proved that he can manage the discipline of a daily creative deadline – for the last year he has been creating a collage every day which gets posted on Twitter before midnight, @DavidSmithArt, and later on a blog.

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