LYME Regis Town Council has withdrawn its planning application to move the Monmouth Beach chalets.

The town council submitted a planning application to move the chalets seaward to try and protect them from landslides from Monmouth Cliff.

The recent severe storms prompted the planning department of West Dorset District Council to reassess the Monmouth Beach area and the erosion that had been caused by the weather.

Following the assessment it was found by the engineers there was a risk of coastal flooding that would affect the chalets if they were to be moved forward.

In his report to councillors at last night’s, March 19, strategy and policy committee meeting, town clerk John Wright, pictured inset, said: “Planning application decisions rest with WDDC but, up until the recent storms, I was optimistic that planning consent would be approved.

“However, the severe storms in February 2014 prompted WDDC planners to ask their engineers’ department to reassess their previous assessment on the risk posed by coastal flooding.

“The revised position of WDDC’s engineers’ department was quite clear, they would oppose the application. The planning department was extremely unlikely to approve any planning application that was being rejected by the engineers.”

Following the decision to withdraw the planning application, representatives from the town council and chalet and day hut owners attended a meeting last week to discuss an alternative proposal.

The new proposal would see the size of the chalets reduced to approximately 14 feet by nine feet and moving them to a mid-point between the cliffs and the original line submitted in the planning application.

Councillors also discussed the new planning application and the recommendations made by the council will be considered at a council meeting on April 2.

Mr Wright added: “Assessing the probability of success or failure is difficult. I suspect the key consideration will remain the same, the advice given to the planners by WDDC’s engineers on the risk and impact of coastal flooding.

“I have already discussed the option of adopting a mid-point position for Monmouth Beach chalets with the engineers.

“They weren’t prepared to express an opinion outright but, for what it’s worth, they didn’t reject this option outright.”