STUDENTS from schools in West Dorset attended a workshop on climate change to consider the impacts it could have on the community.

It was held at Bridport Town Hall and saw 20 students from Sir John Colfox School, St Mary’s Primary School, Bridport Primary, Power-stock Primary, Symondsbury Primary and Burton Bradstock take part in the activities, which were hosted by Communities Living Sustainably and local artist Veronica Hudson.

As part of the event, the students gave their views on what they thought the impacts of climate change would have on the local community in West Dorset and possible solutions to the problems.

Rupert Lloyd, from Communities Living Sustainably, said: “We are doing these projects because what we really want to do is hear the young people’s ideas on the climate challenges for the future and their ideas for solutions.

“They came up with some fantastic ideas, such as using solar powered buses, and some more wacky ideas like using water powered wheeled boats to deliver food to Bridport.”

After discussing the problems of climate change the students, with the help of Veronica Hudson, then created a mural of the possible solutions, which will be displayed in the Bridport Tourism and Information Centre.

The event was organised as part of Climate Week 2014, which ran from March 3 until March 9.

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