DOG mess is again becoming a problem in certain areas of Bridport, says town clerk Bob Gillis.

He said the town council would do as much as it could to publicise the health risks and try and get dog owners to be more responsible.

At the environment and social wellbeing committee Councillor Anne Rickard said perhaps the authority could ask dog walkers to wear tabards and be volunteer dog wardens while they were out and about.

Cllr Anne-Marie Vincent said it was an idea that had already been discussed.

She said: “Some people might be subject to abuse because not everybody would be pleased for you to tell them.”

Cllr Dave Rickard said the difficulty in getting volunteers was they need to know what to do and what not to do.

Mr Gillis said when the matter came up before the call for volunteers fell on deaf ears.

He said there were issues in Asker Meadows, West Bay beach and the town centre.

Cllr Rickard said there had been recurring problems in the borough gardens too.

Cllr Anne Rickard said: “We want to put the message out that this is not what we do in our town. This is their town too, it is everybody’s town and we don’t behave like this.”

She asked Mr Gillis if he could find out from the West Dorset District Council dog warden if he could come up with a plan as to how to engage dog owners.