THE SOCHI Winter Olympics have been on recently and people have been rallying together to support team GB.

All successes are celebrated in the Olympics and there’s been much happiness at medals won by the country, writes Polly Rodin.

Our female athletes brought home three of our four medals.

Women in the Olympics provide wonderful role models for girls hoping to go into sports.

Male and female events seem to generate equal excitement across the country, as they should.

However it crossed my mind that in other sports competitions this is often not the case.

In sports like football, rugby and cricket, the men’s teams gain a lot more recognition.

They are focused on much more by the media and men’s finals are a big event with lots of people coming together to watch them.

Women’s sports teams also deserve this support.

It’s a shame sport is still largely a male industry, although much less so than in the past.

For young people, schools and clubs do a great job at encouraging girls to get involved in sports.

But more can be done to incr-ease opportunities and remind girls that sport is for everyone.