CHARMOUTH Primary School Pupils performed a singing success when B Sharp visited the school.

The school is trying to expand its curriculum and invited the youth music charity to put on a workshop with children from the Year 4 Dolphins class.

Held on the last day of term, seven young music leaders from B Sharp and music leader Pete Wild took the children on a music-making master class, and worked on a variety of musical genres ranging from samba music to a ‘Viking Rap’.

Pete Wild, B Sharp music leader, said: “We had a wonderfully productive day with the children and staff at Charmouth with a lot of great music being made.

“We learnt samba patterns and performed them, learned about hip hop and wrote our own Viking rap and then formed a band and covered a classic 70s disco tune.

“We had a great deal to get through in one day but the children were amazing and very focused on what we were doing."