A NEW anti-smoking campaign was launched this week with the message – one in two Dorset smokers will die early.

The ‘Be there tomorrow’ campaign urges smokers to quit now.

In Dorset, an estimated 108,840 adults still smoke and in the coming year, around 1,295 are predicted to die of smoking-related diseases.

A recent survey in Dorset, carried out by Smokefree South West, reveals fewer than one in 10 knew smoking-related diseases kill one in two smokers, despite decades of health warnings.

Alison Cox, head of tobacco policy at Cancer Research UK, said: “Smoking accounts for nearly one in five cancer cases and for more than one in four cancer deaths in the UK.”

To find out more about the campaign, information to help quitting for good and to find your local free NHS Stop Smoking Service, visit betheretomorrow.co.uk