WEST Dorset looks set to be bludgeoned by another storm tomorrow - with winds of 80mph expected.

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for wind and rain for Dorset, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, with 40mm of rain likely to fall on the already drenched south west throughout Friday.

A further period of very strong winds will also hit the coast at the same time, with gusts of 70mph likely and forecasted 80mph gusts in exposed parts of the south coasts.

The storm is currently developing in the Atlantic, to the west of the Azores, and will run northeastwards from the south west of England, and should pass by Saturday morning.

There are fears that the strong winds, combined with the spring tides, will result in huge waves crashing into the coast which could lead to coastal flooding.

A spokesperson from the Met Office said: “Yet another storm is now developing to the west of the Azores. It will run northeastwards across western parts of the UK during Friday and into Saturday, before clearing to the northeast.

“The associated frontal systems will bring spells of heavy and persistent rain, especially across the southern parts of England and Wales.

“Around the southern flank of this storm very strong southerly or southwesterly winds are expected to develop, primarily affecting southern and southeastern counties of England.

“There remains some uncertainty in the track and timings of this system but gusts of 60-70 mph are possible with perhaps 80 mph along most exposed parts of the south coast.

“With these strong winds some large waves are also likely along the south coast and there is the potential for some coastal flooding where this coincides with high tides.”