BROADWINDSOR is set to benefit from a share in a £4.4million scheme to protect South West residents from sewer flooding.

South West Water is investing £150,000 on a sewer flooding alleviation project in the village.

A spokesman said: “The proposals are in the very early stages of development and we have more work to do before we can develop detailed plans and confirm the exact locations.

“Typically, the work will include upsizing sewers, relocating combined sewer overflows, enhancing pumps and building increased storm storage capacity.”

The company also announced this week that it proposes to freeze standard tariffs and standing charges for all its household and business customers until April 2015. Lyme Regis will also benefit from a £15million project to improve bathing water quality on South West beaches.

South West Water chief executive Chris Loughlin said: “A price freeze does not mean an investment holiday for us. We’re investing £430,000 a day in our infrastructure to improve tap water quality, help the environment and protect people from sewer flooding – especially as we are experiencing wetter winters.

“We will be investing in protecting customers from sewer flooding across the region and in particular we’re pleased to be trialling our ‘Downstream Thinking’ approach to managing storm water, working with nature to store water and prevent it from overloading our sewers and flooding homes and gardens.”