SCHOOLCHILDREN in the Lyme Bay area are o-fish-ally learning what it’s like to be a fisherman in the 21st century – and the future sustainability of the industry.

Organisers from the Blue Marine Foundation and local fisherman Dave Sales have been visiting local schools to tell them about the project in Lyme Bay, which aims to secure sustainable fishing for generations to come.

Mr Sales has been a fisherman for 60 years and has been giving the presentation to the children about his work as a fisherman and the project in Lyme Bay.

As part of the presentations, he has been showing some of the biggest fish he has caught and telling the children about his career. He has also shown them how to use the netting and the lobster pots.

Mr Sales said: “I have had great experience in the fishing industry and I’ve got to that stage to pass that knowledge on.

“I think it’s very important for everybody to learn about what is going on in the sea, and all of the children were really interested.

“I have made a good living out of the sea so far, and it’s good to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of fishers.

“We all should support the project that is happening in Lyme Bay and hopefully we can secure the future of fishing for our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s grandchildren.”

The groundbreaking scheme sees fishermen and conservationists work together to protect the area they fish in.

Similar schemes are now being trialed at other fishing towns across the UK following its success in Lyme Bay.

Harriet Smith, from the Blue Marine Foundation, and Mr Sales have already visited St Michael’s in Lyme Regis, St Mary’s in Axminster and Salway Ash Primary School, and will also visit Symondsbury, Marshwood and Charmouth in the coming weeks.

Ms Smith said: “What is really important is we are talking about what is living in their local environment and what the Blue Marine Foundation are doing and how we are working with local fisherman.

“The presentations have so far been well received, and the schools are happy that someone is doing something to teach the children about local fishing and to tell them about local fishermen, because we have all got to work together to keep fishing sustainable.”