Four foot deep snowdrifts blocked the A35, powercuts and abandoned cars littered the highways when Emma Good went into labour – 18 years ago today.

The birth of Sophie Louise on February 6, 1996 was nothing if not dramatic with her planned labour in Dorchester Hospital made impossible by the snow.

So a call to the police and prompt action by Dorset County Council saw her ambulance escorted to Yeovil Hospital by a snowplough driven by Mark Brabant and Richard Oxenbury, who reported visibility down to just a few yards.

Mrs Good said at the time Sophie’s birth created quite a media frenzy.

She said: “It was the last time I can remember Bridport having a significant amount of snow.

“I went into labour on the morning of February 6.

“The only way they could get me to hospital was by using the snow plough.

“The nearest place was to get me to was Yeovil.

“At the time it made quite big news The papers were calling Sophie the snow princess.

“When the local television crew came round to the house the boys, Ashley, who was five and Toby three, thought that was fun. But I don’t think they understood what the fuss was about.

“I was shocked at the time that people were so interested. All sorts of reporters were on the phone to the hospital – I think Yeovil was getting a little bit annoyed. It took us all literally by storm.”

There was no chance the community midwife could help – she was diverted to a Beaminster mum in labour, who had to give birth to her son at home.

The snow caused chaos with homes left without power for days, motorists stranded – The Travellers Rest near Askerswell put up 40 in one night -–and snow ploughs were hindered from clearing the roads by the amount of abandoned cars.