A NEW website and the business plan for 2014 were discussed at the Town Mill’s public meeting.

It was held in the complex’s new community room, with around 60 people attending, including volunteers, tenants and the public.

Newly elected chairman Gary Willis introduced himself, and told of the two key challenges he feels the complex faces: getting its finances back in order and energising existing volunteers and growing the number of volunteers.

Philip George, who presented the highlights of The Town Mill’s business plan, said trustees of the complex should take on responsibilities for specific areas, like marketing or fundraising, and emphasised the need to renew and strengthen educational links with local schools.

For the website discussion, led by Suzy Galino, the walls were covered with print-outs of the proposed new website and also displayed screen by screen at the front so people could take a good look for themselves. The new website should be in place by the end of next month.

Diana Forrest then gave an update on plans for fundraising for the heritage centre.