THE programme on December 13 was given by Ron Lee, one of our favourite presenters.

His programmes are musically enjoyable and comments between works amusing.

His Theme was ‘Hands On’.

Starting with Schubert’s String Quartet, ‘The Trout’, he linked it to the 2nd item, Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’, by producing a truncheon like object he had turned, called a priest and used by anglers for dispatching their prey.

For Mussorgsky’s ‘The Old Castle’ he displayed a china slip ware castle he had made and painted, and for Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ from his ‘Four Seasons’, a plaque with a snow scene.

Winter brings Christmas and ‘The Messiah’; Grace Bumbry sang ‘Good Tidings to Zion’ and ‘Unto Us a Son is Born’.

After coffee came ‘The Flying Dutchman Overture’, with the legend of death if seen, Ron said he was still alive so couldn’t have seen it; producing a model sea horse he said neither had he seen one of them, but they were both from the sea.

Grieg’s ‘Homage March’ reminded him of marching penguins and a china penguin was produced.

The ‘Grand March’ from ‘Aida’ brought forth a bust of Tutankhamen. The evening ended with Richard Toyes’ ‘Haunted Ballroom’ and Schubert’s ‘Fish Maiden’, both with spectral china and a slightly bemused but thoroughly entertained audience.