LYME Regis window cleaner Lee Demkiw is dreaming of a career in music as he goes about his day job.

And now the electric guitarist is one step closer to realising his ambitions as one of his songs is featured in a magazine and recorded on CD.

Lee's instrumental song, called 'M', is included on a CD that comes with the magazine Prog Rock, and inside is a review of his track.

The father-of-two said: “I was selected from thousands of people all over the world to appear in the magazine and have my song on their cover mount CD.

“It was picked up by a music critic who had a contact at Classic Rock, the sister paper of Prog Rock. They thought it was a little bit left of the middle so they forwarded it to Prog Rock, who thought it was ideal for what they do.”

Lee, of Summerhill Road, appears in the May edition along with musicians from all over the world, but he is the only UK unsigned act among them.

“There are people from Brazil, America, a lot of people from Holland, but I'm the only person on the CD who isn't famous,” said Lee.

“I thought it was nice they actually took it seriously.”

His track is written for wife Micheala and features drummer Glyn Rattenbury from Lyme Regis and bassist Nick Bayes from Seaton.

Lee said: “When I used to leave notes for Micheala I could never be bothered to write Micheala so I used to write 'M'.

“I've been so pleased with the overall result. I recorded it a few years ago but it hasn't aged.”

Lee, 42, was shocked to hear from the magazine to say they would like to feature his track.

“The music critic said he really liked the CD and I didn't hear anything else from that,” he said. “Then a lady called Laura Richardson from the magazine called me and I didn't have a clue what she was going on about.

“I then received a message from the music critic who said he sent it in and forgot to tell me.

“It's received a pretty good review. I clean windows for a living and music has always been a bit of a passion for me and a hobby but I know there's no money in trying to make music in this area.

“I just write instrumentals because I can't sing very well.

“I do a lot of recording and I'm in the process of recording an album.

“I've been in local bands but I hate performing other people's music. I prefer the creativity of writing my own songs.”

Lee, a retained firefighter in Lyme Regis, said his ideal career would be in session recording.

He said: “I'm not a big fan of playing live, I'm happiest behind a record button creating for myself.

“I've done a little bit of session work for other people but it's not panned out.”

Lee's album, called Lee Demkiw EP, is available by emailing him on

What the review said

HAVING been taught by Andy Timmons and Guthrie Govan, Lee Demkiw knows his way around his instrument. As this elegant piece demonstrates, he also has a gift for subtly imaginative instrumental music that dazzles and soothes.