TWO more chalets are set to be demolished today as movement continues at Ware Cliff.

Five holiday homes were torn down last week following a series of landslips, with concern for six others.

There was ‘significant’ movement on Friday afternoon when tonnes of earth fell behind numbers 47 and 48.

Chalets on the beach have also been ‘significantly damaged’ and have been cordoned off, as well as the access road to Monmouth Beach.

But deputy town clerk John Wright said it has been caused by general land movement, and not because of heavy machinery on the site demolishing the first five properties.

Mr Wright said: “Numbers 47 and 48 started to move forward quite significantly on Friday afternoon to the extent that the owners have arranged to have their chalets demolished immediately.

“There has been some really big movement. Tonnes and tonnes of earth has been moving at the back of 47 and 48.

“That site was stable until a week last Thursday, then we started to pick up movement, which began to accelerate during the course of last week.

“And it’s getting worse as it’s now starting to impact on the chalets on the beach so we have cordoned off the area now. The access road to the beach has been cordoned off.

“All the properties at the bottom have got some quite significant damage now where the walls they have built have started to push in.”

The cordon starts at chalet 22 and extends for around six chalets on the beach.

Lyme Regis Town Council is due to renew site licences for all caravans, chalets and beach huts on March 1, although about 25 properties will not be issued with one.

“Licences will be issued to all the areas we are confident that we can let the chalets and let them safely,” said Mr Wright.

“Those that can access their chalets will be issued with site licences and we have made all the arrangements to turn the water on.

“We have asked them to please bear with us because there might be unforeseen things when supplies get switched on.

“Some might be getting site licences back but at the moment we are just being cautious.”

At a meeting on February 13 the council committed to sending letters out to owners to keep them updated, but owners say they have not yet received them.

Mr Wright said the letters would be sent out today and could not go sooner because the situation has been constantly changing.