ONE of the first duties of the newly-elected mayor of Lyme Regis will be to sign the charter setting up the official twinning of the town with Barfleur in Normandy.

The first part of the charter ceremony – the second will be in Lyme in September – is due to take place in Barfleur on May 25, just a few days after the mayor takes up their role.

The mayors of Lyme Regis and Barfleur will both sign a Declaration of Friendship, which is expected to give an undertaking to ‘provide and encourage cultural, social, tourist and economic exchanges’ between the towns.

The signing ceremony in Barfleur – during which the charter will be read in French and English – will be repeated when a party from Barfleur visit Lyme, probably on September 21 and 22.

More details about the progress of plans for the two towns to link up will be revealed at the annual meeting of the Lyme Regis Twinning Association on Thursday in the Guildhall.

Current and prospective members are invited to the meeting at 7.30pm.

After brief formal business there will be an open forum and social evening to include a video of Barfleur, wine and nibbles.