LYME Regis Woodroffe Association lives on.

It was feared the comprehensive school’s old students’ group would be forced to disband after unsuccessful attempts to attract new committee members.

The association remains in existence, but will operate in a new direction following an extraordinary general meeting at the Woodmead Halls on Saturday.

The group will no longer organise reunions every four years but will endorse and support gatherings of ex-students when and as they arise in various parts of the country.

It will also continue to publish and distribute to members its magazine Dispatches.

The way forward was agreed after chairman John Broom said: “My committee feels that the four yearly reunions have run their course. The first reunion was packed, but it has got less and less each time since.”

Mr Broom, who earlier had announced his intention not to seek re-election, agreed to stay in office until the next annual meeting in November.

Members were encouraged by the enthusiastic and positive response of ex-pupil Adam Austin who has organised a reunion of former students who attended the school between 1975 and 1982.

It would take place, he said, at Lyme Regis Football Club on June 1 when a gathering of around 200 was expected and when a marquee owned by the Seasiders would be put to good use.

“There is a genuine appetite among ex-students to come to a reunion,” he assured the meeting.

Treasurer Roz Cupper reported a bank balance of £4,400.

The officers and committee were elected en-bloc.