Councillors in Bridport want to shed light on routes residents use to walk home late at night, before the lights go out.

Members of the town council’s Environment and Social Wellbeing committee heard that streetlights on all but main routes through and around the town will be switched off from midnight until 5.30am in the next six months as part of the county council’s cost-cutting and energy saving measures.

Now councillors want feedback from people whose journey home might be affected by the changes.

Coun Ros Kayes said she was very alarmed that streetlights would be turned off in Victoria Grove.

“There are no pavements in some areas, a lot of parked cars and high-sided, walled areas and it is very, very difficult to see. Victoria Grove is used as a main route essentially.

“Some roads are so dangerous that the lights should not be switched off.”

Coun Kayes also said that she was concerned about crime against people, particularly women, if smaller alleyways were unlit.

“We need to know the main routes that people are using walking out from the town centre late at night.

“There is a need to save money and the county know this will be unpopular, but safety is paramount.

“People feel safe walking round Bridport by and large, because of the way the town is. I would hate any changes to make it feel less safe.”

Coun David Rickard said he approved of the principle of reducing light pollution and energy waste and suggested that the county should make the changes as a pilot scheme and take note of the results.

Areas which will remain lit at night include the A35, Sea Road North, East, West and South Streets, West Bay Road and the harbour, North Allington, West Allington, part of St Andrews Road near Sea Road North and Tannery Road.

The county council has said that any routes subject to high crime levels would be considered for lighting, but that currently none in Bridport come into that category.

Anyone who wants to comment on the plans can contact Bridport Town Council at its Mountfield office.