UP and coming pop artist Adam Tuffrey might be just 22, but he’s already experienced many of life’s highs and lows which is the inspiration behind much of his music.

For the talented singer songwriter who took up the piano at the age of eight, has been performing on stage since he was 13.

After surviving a nearly fatal encounter with bacterial meningitis - the deadliest strain of the disease when he was six - the former Bournemouth School student has literally been making a song and dance of it ever since!

For his recovery inspired him to work with Meningitis Now, a charity for which he has, to date, raised over £50,000 and he became a young ambassador.

In the process he has earned the British Empire Medal from the Queen on her 2014 Birthday Honour’s list and got to meet the monarch at Buckingham Palace.

Appearances on chat shows and national TV followed as well as a gig at St James’ Palace where he performed for the Countess of Wessex. What’s more Adam was a nominee for the prestigious Pride Of Britain Awards in the same year.

Now Adam who lives in Throop, is hoping to launch his solo pop career following the launch of his first single Superstar last Friday which is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

His second track Hurricane is due to be released on Friday, June 2 with a gig at Canvas in Bournemouth on Sunday, June 4 where he will premier his music video.

“I’ve spent about a year writing material so I’ve got about two albums of tracks now,” he explains.

“I’ve recorded a few tracks with Animal Farm management company which I’ve loved.

“The producer was like a musical version of Jim Carrey - he took some of the songs in a totally different direction.”

However the music industry is renowned for being ruthless and Adam, a committed Christian, admits it has been a steep learning curve.

He was taken for a ride by one management company who he says scammed him out of the best part of £2,000.

“It taught me a lot though, “ he says. “And it also inspired me to write Superstar which is a direct hit back at them. I find I write better if I am writing about something specific.”

Although the music business is a tough, secular environment, Adam also feels it is the place where he can have more of an impact.

“It is where you are listened to the most. Whenever Justin Bieber mentions anything about his faith it’s always newsworthy.

“Whenever he publicly thanks God for the gift he has, it has a real impact on young people - so I feel that’s where I can make more of a difference rather than writing purely Christian music.

“Faith has always been an important part of my life although I don’t write about it directly. For example if I’ve written a love ballad, some may relate the song to a girlfriend or an ex but actually, I know I have written that chorus about God.”

Adam’s upbeat jazzy sounds have been likened to Bruno Mars fronting a big band.

“I was very happy with that comparison,” Adam grins. “I’ve got a background in jazz as I had lessons with a local jazz pianist call Dave Shattock who has been a big influence on my music.”

Adam will be performing all his own music and some covers when he performs at Canvas accompanied by a seven piece band. There will be free entry.

But Adam says he never gets nervous about performing.

“I feel very at home on stage but I have been performing for nearly ten years now which I think helps.

“You can’t beat the buzz of performing in front of an audience. I absolutely love it - my dream would be touring because I would love my music to be heard by as many people as possible.”

Adam is currently working as a musical director for various theatre and dance companies as well as a music teacher and vocal coach.

“I have worked with many people through Meningitis Now who have not been as lucky as me and yet have had always had such a positive outlook on life.

“My friend Alex Williams who carried the Olympic torch was wheelchair bound after his battle with meningitis and he died of a heart attack at 18.

“You only need to look at everything he achieved in his life to be inspired. His outlook was always so positive so I think if he can do it, I have no excuse not to go out and do what I can to make a difference too.”

For more information, visit adamtuffrey.co.uk or facebook.com/ Adamtuffreymusic