Texas return with a brand new album, the first in four years. Following on from their previous release, 25, a celebratory acknowledgement of making music for over a quarter of a century, listeners are invited to "jump on board", in sync with the laid-back vibe of the album. Approaching her 50th Birthday, lead singer Sharleen Spiteri cuts loose, projecting nothing but positive messages through her sincere lyrics. It's an open-minded album, reflecting on years of heartaches, hardships and general highs and lows. The album features 10 tracks, combining rock, soul, new country and electro-pop. Opening track Let's Work It Out, an upbeat, dance track accompanied by a guitar rhythm, sets a tone which reverberates throughout the album. In contrast to the upbeat rhythm of For Everything and Tell That Girl, there's also a number of more intense, eerier soundtracks from Can't Control to Sending A Message.


(Review by Elliott Beddoe)