DORCHESTER Drama is staging a revival of an N.F. Simpson play.

Members will be performing N. F. Simpson’s Was He Anyone? from Friday April 14 to Saturday April 15 at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester and on Saturday May 6 at Martinstown Village Hall.

It tells the story of Albert Whitbrace, who has had the misfortune to fall overboard in the Mediterranean sea and his cries for help are rather bothering the passing cruise passengers.

His wife is trying to arrange his rescue and the World National Help You Out Year Week Special Appeals Campaign is on the case.

Of course, everything must be done through the proper channels and there is no rushing these things.

In the meantime, as committees convene and reporters cover the story, Albert is dropped a grand piano, so he can make good use of his time whilst he bobs around in the middle of a shipping lane.

Was He Anyone? stars a talented clutch of actors, sporting an interesting variety of accents, and each playing a number of different roles.

Playwright N.F. Simpson is little known these days - his most famous play is A Resounding Tinkle, which concerned a suburban couple who had been delivered the wrong-sized elephant.

Kenneth Tynan called him ‘the most gifted comic writer the English stage has discovered since the war.’

Rehearsals have been going well for Dorchester Drama ahead of performing this comedy, which is part of the 20th century British absurdist movement.

Club spokesman Fran Sansom said: "This play is a great way to cast off the wet weather blues.

"Dorchester Drama have decided it is time to revive the work of N.F. Simpson. He was a very popular playwright in the 1960s, his wonderful absurdist comedies inspired many that were to follow, not least the Monty Python team."

Will Albert Whitbrace be rescued in time? Will the sympathy offered be appropriate? Can he even play the piano? For the answers to these questions, and many others which you would never have thought to ask, see the play.

*Was He Anyone? is at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester, on Friday April 14 and Saturday April 15th at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester, at 7.30 p.m both evenings. It will also be showing at Martinstown Village Hall on Saturday May 6 at 7.30 pm.

Tickets are £9 in advance, £10 on the door and are available from Trinity Stores in Dorchester or on 01305 268692.